Seminar with Jake Mackenzie

We are delighted to announce a BJJ seminar with Jake Mackenzie on Saturday 30th of May at 11am. This is a fantastic opportunity to train with a high-level black belt competitor. The seminar will be at the low cost of €30 and encourage all Point Blank members to attend.

Jake-Mackenzie Jake is a black belt under ADCC champion Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. He is known for his deep half guard game and for competing extensively in Brazil.

Some of his main achievements

  • 4x Brazilian National Teams Champion (Black Belt)
  • 2x Brazilian National No-Gi Champion (Black Belt)
  • São Paulo International Open Champion (Black Belt)
  • Floripa International Open Champion (Black Belt)
  • Brasilia International Open Champion (Black Belt)
  • Chicago International Open Champion (Black Belt)
  • 2nd place South American Championship (Black Belt)
  • European Champion (Brown Belt)
  • 2nd place Pan American Championship (Brown Belt)
  • American National Champion (Brown Belt)
  • Miami Open Absolute Champion (Brown Belt)
  • Pan American Champion (Purple Belt)
  • World Cup Champion (2010 CBJJO)
  • South American Champion (2010 CBJJE)

You can read more about Jake here: