Strong performances by Point Blank competitors at the MMA League

Sean Conroy was in the final of the 80kg veteran division where he competed against a tough fighter from Sean Scoil MMA in Cork. It was a back and forth battle with Sean pushing the pace and finishing the stronger, securing takedowns and controlling the action on the ground. The bout went to the distance and the judges awarded the decision and the 2012 title to Sean.

Sean Conroy

Damien Koptyo was at the top of the league table in the 75kg veteran division going into the final round, however as the other competitors in the top 4 were unable to compete he was crowned champion without having to contest a final. Instead he competed in two regular matches. His first match was an entertaining affair with both competitors having multiple close submission attempts. In the end neither was able to finish before time elapsed so the bout was declared a draw. In his second match he made short work of his opponent, finishing him with a well taken arm bar about a minute into the bout.

John, Sean and Damien

Fionn Keady, who fights out of Waterford MMA and who also trains with us in Point Blank was in the finals where there was 3 competors competing for the top spot. He lost his first match in a razor close division. He won his second with a strong performance against Michael Davern of Tuatha De Danann, very nearly finishing him with a triangle/arm bar combination. In the end, all three competitors have won one bout and lost another so the matches had to be run again. This time Fionn won his first match but lost a close decision to Michael Davern. As Michael had won his two matches this time, he took the title with Fionn finishing as runner-up.

The final Point Blank competitor of the day was John Mullen, competing in the 80kg division. In his first match he took on a fighter out of Impact Martial Arts in Westport. After an exchange on their feet John secured the takedown and quickly progress into mount. John showed a lot of patience, keeping the position secure before moving into a high mount and finishing with an armbar. His second match was a more cagey affair with both fighters initially happy to stay standing. Later in the bout John scored with a takedown and like the first match secured mount. This time when he was attempting the armbar his opponent was able to scramble free. John switched to a standing guillotine choke which looked to be tight however he was unable to finish. The match went the distance and so was declared a draw.