Victory for Quinn at Celtic Gladiator

Jason Quinn added another win to his record on Saturday night with a dominant performance against a tough opponent in Piotr Żurawski. Both fighters were wary of each other in the opening moments however it was Quinn who drew first blood, landing a beautiful slam after lifting his opponent into the air with a double leg takedown.

Jason working from side control after securing the takedown in the first round

Żurawski eventually worked his way back to his feet however Quinn dominated the round landing some nice knees and punches while controlling Żurawski against the fence.

Jason and his cornermen between rounds

The second round started with both fighters engaging on their feet until Quinn set up a standing guillotine choke. Żurawski defended well but was unable to stop Quinn bringing him down to the ground where he switched grips to secure a front choke and left his opponent with no choice but to tap out but only 32 seconds gone in the round.

Team Point Blank